Books for your genealogical research
- genealogical Gazetteer of Austria ISBN 3-902318-89-9 290 Page, card
- Vienna - index of marriages before 1860 5 issues, A4, card
- Waldviertel - index of church records 9 books A4, card
Bohemia and Moravia
- Genealogical gazetteer of Bohemia ISBN 978-3-9500893-0-6 474 pages A4, card
- Genealogical gazetteer of Moravia (with parts of Austrian Silesia) ISBN 978-3-9501215-0-1 172pages A4, card
- Register of Vital statistics in Bohemia and Moravia 10 books A4, card
- Genealogical Gazetteer of Slovania ISBN 978-3-902318-89-9 290 pages A4, card
Galicia and Bukovina
- Historical Gazetteer of Galicia and Bukovina

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ISBN 978-3-9500893-4-9 290 pages A4, card