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  • Genealogical gazetteer of Austria (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-902318 -89-9, 626 pages, A4, cardboard cover
  • Vienna and surroundings – Index of marriages 1542 – 1860 (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-9500893-8-1, 4, 874 pages, A4, cardboard cover
  • Waldviertel – Index of church records (various places) (out of print)
    9 books, A4, cardboard cover
  • The owners of building plots in Lower Austria (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-902318-52- X, 1,088 pages, A4, cardboard cover

Bohemia and Moravia

  • Genealogical gazetteer of Bohemia (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-9500893-0-6, 474 pages, A4, cardboard cover
  • Genealogical gazetteer of Moravia, with Austrian Silesia (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-9501215-0-1, 172 pages, A4, cardboard cover
  • Inventory of the church registers of the Czech State Archives (out of print)
    10 books, A4, cardboard cover


  • Genealogical gazetteer of Slovenia (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-902318 -89-9, 290 pages, A4, cardboard cover

Galicia and Bukovina

  • Historical gazetteer of Galicia and Bukovina (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-9500893-4-9, 272 pages, A4, cardboard cover


  • Genealogy for beginners (out of print)
    ISBN 978-3-8000-7169-2, 192 pages
  • Genealogical Dictionary German – Czech – Latin
    2nd, significantly extended edition, 12,600 terms
    Self-published, A5, 243 pages, cardboard cover, ISBN 978-3-902318 -20-1
  • Kurrent script in church registers (in german language only)
    Self-published, A4, 221 pages, cardboard cover, ISBN 978-3-902318-21- X

Obtainable at bookshops or directly from IHFF.


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